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    Apple Cinnamon Jelly

    We carefully mixed the finest apples and cinnamon. Made with a distinctive sweetness that makes this jelly wonderful added to pan sauces for chicken or pork.

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    Blackberry Jelly

    This truly exceptional jelly is bursting with the flavor of ripe juicy blackberries. Spoon onto your favorite breakfast toast or warm and drizzle onto ice cream or pound cake.

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    Blueberry Jelly

    We hand selected the best blueberries to create a distinctive and delectable jelly that beautifully blends sweet and tasty.

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    Elderberry Jelly

    Elderberries are the only berries used for medical purposes. It functions as an antioxident, anti-inflammatory and is an excellent source of Vitamin C. Elderberries can help treat a cold, the flu, asthma, colic, diabetes and upper respiratory problems.

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    Raspberry Jelly

    We hand selected the best raspberries and habanero’s to create a distinctive and delectable jelly that beautifully blends spicy and sweet.

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    Sandhill Plum Jelly

    A delicious treat! We carefully hand pick the freshest, bright vibrant sand plums right in the sand hills of Kansas. Intense sand plum flavor with just the right degree of sweet/tartness makes this jelly simply delicious. Just like Grandma used to make.

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