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    Apple Cinnamon Jelly

    We carefully mixed the finest apples and cinnamon. Made with a distinctive sweetness that makes this jelly wonderful added to pan sauces for chicken or pork.  Also great in hot tea!

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    Cranberry Pepper Jelly

    A distinct blend of sweet/tart ripe cranberries and jalapeno peppers make this beautiful jelly a holiday treat. This is wonderful as a glaze over turkey or ham!  Also great on a turkey sandwich from Thanksgiving leftovers.

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    Orange Pepper Jelly

    We carefully select the best ripe and sweetest oranges and jalapenos.
    This sweet and spicy combination is excellent as a sauce for chicken,
    fish and pork.

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    Roasted Onion Pepper Jelly

    Delicious as an marinade for grilling beef, pork or chicken.  Also use as a scrumptious crock pot meal of your favorite dish.  This one is a favorite with crackers and cream cheese as well.

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